New Director of Sask 1st Call – October 2023

Derrick Mann, President of the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Kosolofski as the new Director for Sask 1st Call, Saskatchewan’s underground facility screening and notification service, now owned and managed by the SCGA.

Lisa has an extensive background in community relations, marketing, member recruitment and customer service. Her work as the Executive Director of the Medicine Hat Construction Association, and as the Community Engagement Coordinator at the Community Foundation of Southeastern Alberta will be assets as she works to support the subscribing members of Sask 1st Call.

Commenting on the new appointment, Derrick, stated:
“I am extremely pleased that Lisa has accepted the Board’s offer to become the Director of Sask 1st Call. We believe that her previous experience and skill set will be a great benefit to us in advancing the organization and serving the subscribers of Sask 1st Call.”

As Director for Sask 1st Call, Lisa will act as the liaison and business interface between industry, Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA), the Sask 1st Call Corporation Board of Directors’ and the excavating community.Sask 1st Call is a service for anyone planning to dig or excavate, providing underground facility screening and notification for safe excavation. The Sask 1st Call team is dedicated to the prevention of unnecessary damage, injury or death due to unsafe digging practices. Sask 1st Call contact information:

Member data updates, tickets inquiries, notification changes, etc:

Email [email protected] Phone 1-866-828-4888 option 3

Invoicing Inquiries: Email [email protected]

All other inquiries can be directed to Director of Sask 1st Call, Lisa Kosolofski

Email [email protected]

Derrick Mann,
Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA)

About the SCGA:
The SCGA is a member driven organization dedicated to ensuring worker and public safety, environmental protection and the integrity of services by promoting effective damage prevention practices in connection with underground infrastructure activities. Effective June 1, 2023, the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance has acquired Sask 1st Call. Sask 1st Call is now registered as a Non-Profit Corporation and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance.

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