Map Requests for Non Ground Disturbance

Sask 1st Call is a service provided to anyone who is planning to dig or excavate. Contacting Sask 1st Call will proactively alert the Sask 1st Call member companies of plans to disturb the ground.

Sask 1st Call’s services now includes a Planning & Design ticket for planning purposes. Those who require maps (sketches) can request a Planning & Design ticket for information for planning purposes related to a future excavation. Planning & Design tickets are not a request for locates and are not valid for digging purposes. When excavation is ready to take place you will need to submit a valid locate request prior to excavating. The minimum lead time for a Planning & Design ticket is 10 business days.

A Planning & Design ticket will be transmitted to member companies in the proposed dig area only if the requestor indicates that the location information is required for planning purposes only.

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